Thursday 30 September 2010

Using Maps for extra direction

It doesn't matter how much work you might put into various parts of a project, by far the thing that generates the greatest interest is when a map is included.

Generating segments or profiling customer behaviour is all very well but the advantage of a map is that it is highly visual and also relates to tangible real-world locations rather than some abstract concept of customers with similar behaviour.

Maps can help show where you have high/low customer penetration, which areas have higher average order value, more delivery complaints etc., They can also be used to find areas that have the closest profile to your best customers to help aid acquisition.

At Analysis Marketing we use maps in a variety of scenarios and have put a brief guide together to the kind of things you can do using maps. 

The guide is available on our website here.  If your business could benefit from using maps then get in touch with us for a no obligation discussion on how we can help you to visualise your customers.

Dan Barnett

Director of Analytics